What is the bronx vegan?

The Bronx Vegan is a blog that aims to highlight vegan resources in the Bronx through recipes, reviews, and more. The goal is to show how vegans can thrive in the Bronx by making it easier to find food, community, and activism in our borough.

Where are all the vegans in the bronx?

We are here! There are a couple of online communities that bring NYC folks together, but the one specific for Bronx-based vegans can be found on Vegans of The Bronx.

What kind of veganism does this blog represent?

While I go more in depth about the kind of veganism I represent here, The Bronx Vegan supports veganism that is affordable, accessible, inclusive, not organic, not 100% vegan, never poor shaming, never fat shaming, and always trying its best.


Is this a restaurant?

Unfortunately, no! While I have dreams to start my own vegan restaurant in the Bronx, there are a ton of spots that serve vegan-friendly meals in our borough which you can find on my site under Reviews or through my Everybody Eats segment via Veggie Mijas.

How can i get involved?

I'm always looking for people to share their vegan experiences with me! Whether you'd like to check out a new spot together or attend an event in the NYC-area (or beyond!) please contact me with your ideas! At the moment, I don't have the funds to hire a team of creators, but that is something I'm working towards. Stay tuned for that!

what is veggie mijas?

You've likely heard me mention Veggie Mijas a lot because it is a community I love so much! You can find out more about my involvement as an Organizer & Creative Blogger here. Veggie Mijas is a Women of Color collective that supports vegans/vegetarians and their stories. Visit their website: veggiemijas.format.com